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About Us

Who We Are

We are the Martinez Family! Gustavo, Siobhan and our two young daughters. We are the name behind the company.

We are a family run business, with family values. We want to provide the same service to our customers as we would expect if we hired a flooring professional to come into our home. This drives us to treat our clients with respect, provide good communication, high quality results and a safe and healthy environment, all at an affordable rate.

Our team is comprised of a small group of talented and dedicated individuals. We are hard working, honest and knowledgeable. We will captivate you with our fresh work ethic, amaze you with our results and leave you eager to introduce us to your friends and family.

Why Choose Us

Aside from our honesty, our passion and love for wood floors, our perfectionist attitude towards the minor details and our excellent customer service, we are leaders in the flooring industry standing above the rest because:

  • We are one of Victoria’s only companies to provide true Dustless Sanding services
  • We work exclusively with top of the line finishes and state of the art equipment
  • We offer healthier floor finishes which are Greenguard certified
  • We hold a valid business license, are fully insured and are WCB registered

What to Expect


Thank you for considering us!  In order to better understand your needs, send us an email with some key information.

Your Details – Let us know the square footage, the living spaces in question, the current condition of your floors, what you have in mind and your property location and we will get back to you to book an estimate shortly thereafter.

Onsite Estimate – During the onsite visit, we will measure and assess your floors, bring your attention to any potential issues and discuss with you the best options for your situation.

Written Quote – We will put together a written quote for you and send it via email and let you know our availability and give you an idea of how long we expect the job to take so you can make any necessary arrangements.


The time has come for us to get to work and for your floors to come back to life!

Status Updates – As the work progresses, we will provide you with regular updates.  Any unforeseen issues that arise along the way will be immediately brought to your attention before any work towards resolving the issue takes place.  This way, we  have an opportunity to discuss the next steps together and you can choose how best you want to proceed.

Wet Floors – We will advise you when the Finish has been applied and how long each Coat needs to dry.  We will also let you know once you can walk on your floors again and when furniture can be moved back in.

Walk Through –  Upon completion of the job, we will do a walk through with you so any touch ups that need addressing can be taken care of quickly.


Thank you for choosing us! There are a few things that need to be done by you in anticipation of us arriving.

Furniture – Items need to be removed before the start date so work can begin.  Since the work area is the floor, they need to be completely accessible and free of large items. We can discuss with you if you have any special concerns. (e.g. piano, freezer, hanging photo frames)

Access – Entry needs to be arranged to your home for our crew on/or before the start date.  Depending on your living situation, we will either pick up a spare key or be given an alarm code / lock box code to get in and out of the building.  We try our best to respect your space so please advise if there are any special instructions that should be followed (e.g. please use only the side door, friendly dog out back or times sprinklers turn on at 8 am)

Deposits – A deposit for your job will be requested on/or before the start date.  If your job is expected to last longer than a week, we may also request a progress payment from you.   This is put towards the upfront purchase of any materials for your job and to cover a portion of the labour our team will invest in your home.  We will discuss with you beforehand what the amount will be and it is based on the specific job at hand. This amount is accounted for and subsequently deducted off the balance due once the work is complete.


You made it and your floors look amazing!

Invoice –   We will send you a final invoice which reflects the original quote with all deposits applied and progress payments taken (if your job was longer than 1 week, we may have asked you for one).  This invoice will also reflect any additional items added onto the work such as any extra items requested by you (e.g. fireplace tile or entry installation added) or any unforseen issues that arose during the job that were dealt with and authorized by you beforehand (e.g. rotten plywood subfloor, asbestos tiles removed under linoleum).

Payment Methods – Payment is due upon completion of the work and can be made through one of three ways.  Using online banking via Interact e-Transfer, by cheque or by cash.

Next Steps – If you had a great experience with our company, as we hope you did, we gladly accept testimonials for our website and referrals to your friends and family.  We are also always excited to see the finished product so any photos you want to share once your home is back up to its usual loving feel – are always welcome.  If you run into any troubles with your floors later (e.g. inattentive movers scratch newly refinished floors when tenants move out) do not hesitate to contact us.  We are your flooring experts here to help you!