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Portfolio of Hardwood Flooring Services

Doing it right from the very first step! At Martinez Hardwood Floors, our attention to detail is what makes your floor stand out.  Click below to read about the wide variety of hardwood flooring services we provide and see our job photos.


Our friendly team are the same experts who will take care of you from start to finish ensuring the installation services provided are always top quality. At Martinez Hardwood Floors, from checking moisture levels, eliminating squeaks, making transitions flush and assisting in choosing the right floor for a particular space, is just some of what we do.  We work with all kinds of hardwood, softwood, engineered, cork, bamboo, vinyl and laminates.  And when it comes to the installation part of the project; there is almost nothing we can’t do!

Before & After Gallery

We have been privileged to work in some of Victoria’s beautiful residences and popular businesses.  Here is a collection of some before and after photos from our portfolio to help you get an idea of what Martinez Hardwood Floors can do for your flooring project.   Let our expert team bring your floors back to life.  No matter what the cause, Martinez Hardwood Floors can help. We are experts in board replacement and patching as well as feathering in hardwood to match existing wood floors creating a seamless cover up – leaving your guests none the wiser.


Dustless Sanding

Our advanced Bona Dust Containment System uses a two step cyclonic intake with a hospital-grade HEPA filter, eliminating the need to expose collected dust to your home. At Martinez Hardwood Floors, we remove the excess dust before it even meets your environment. With no airbone dust generated, it means a healthier space for us to work in, a healthier home for you to live in and a safer option for your children and pets.


With a growing number of heritage properties in our portfolio, rejuvenating decade and/or century old floors, fixing them up and refurbishing them is something we take pride in. At Martinez Hardwood Floors, we aim to bring back those character attributes found in 100 year old floors.   Distinguished by nail and bolt patina, knot holes and streaking, we specialize in restoring turn of the century as well as mid century hardwood floors by restoring that special charm reminiscent of an era gone by.


When choosing a finish that is right for your floor, it is important to understand the pros and cons. The main difference between Waterborne finish and Oil Modified finish are the emission levels, the appearance and the feel. Waterborne finishes provide the benefit of faster dry times and a floor that is more natural in look and feel. Oil Modified finishes on the other hand, will enhance the natural amber highlights found in most floors and come in matte, satin or shiny.  Stains come in a variety of different colours and are applied to the floors before the finish to change the colour and style of a hardwood floor.  At Martinez Hardwood Floors we are proud to work exclusively with Bona©’s top of the line finishes.


  • Waterborne finishes have low odor and low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C’s)
  • Waterborne finishes take up to 3 applications with dry times of 5 – 6 hours
  • Oil Modified finishes take up to 3 applications with dry times of 10 – 12 hours
Other Services

At Martinez Hardwood Floors – we do it all! From guidance on what floor is best suited for your space, flooring sales, supply and delivery of flooring and even after the floor part of the job is complete – we can help with installation of baseboards, quarter round and transitions. We also offer services like small tiling jobs and basic finishing carpentry to add the finishing touch to any project.